MLS Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis: What To Expect

Nov 02, 2023
MLS Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis: What To Expect
Are you struggling with heel pain from plantar fasciitis? Whether you have acute pain or a chronic problem, it’s time to try MLS therapy. This innovative approach stops pain where it starts fast — no painful injections or surgery required.

If you have plantar fasciitis, you’re not alone. This common foot condition is the leading cause of heel pain, impacting approximately 1 in 10 people at some point during their lifetime.

The telltale sign of plantar fasciitis is stabbing pain in the heel or arch, especially when using the area after waking or after long periods of rest. It develops when there’s too much strain on the plantar fascia, which is a thick, rubbery band of tissue that runs from the heels to the toes on the bottom of the foot. If strained, this area can develop microtears and inflammation, triggering those stabbing symptoms. 


Hai-En Peng, DPM, FACFAS, of Align Foot & Ankle Center in Camarillo and Santa Barbara, California, offers numerous treatments for plantar fasciitis, including MLS therapy. If you have plantar fasciitis, here’s how this cutting-edge treatment can help.

Introducing MLS therapy 

“MLS” stands for Multiwave Locked System. In more simple terms, this therapy is a type of laser treatment that uses two wavelengths of light energy to deliver therapeutic benefits.

Unlike other laser systems, MLS therapy has one wavelength of light energy that constantly targets the treatment site. This continuous delivery works to encourage blood flow to the area and activate the lymphatic system. 

But MLS therapy takes the treatment one step further.

While the single wavelength of energy targets the site with its continuous beam, a second wavelength is also at work. However, this one releases pulses of light energy, which interferes with the pain signals as they make their way to your brain.

This synchronized, two-wavelength approach offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Pain reduction
  • Better nerve function
  • Faster healing

MLS laser therapy also decreases swelling and inflammation in the treatment site.

MLS therapy and plantar fasciitis

Dr. Peng uses MLS therapy for numerous foot and ankle conditions, but it’s highly effective for symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis.

During your treatment, Dr. Peng positions the MLS system over the bottom of your foot. Then, you relax comfortably while the machine gets to work, delivering the therapeutic wavelengths of energy. It takes approximately seven minutes, and it comes with no pain, discomfort, or medication.

For the best results, Dr. Peng recommends a series of treatments. However, people often notice a marked improvement within the first few sessions. 

In addition to MLS therapy, Dr. Peng could suggest complementary treatment strategies to aid the healing process and help you avoid reinjury, such as:

  • Stretching the calf muscles
  • Icing the heels
  • Physical therapy
  • Custom inserts

Dr. Peng also specializes in sports medicine. This advanced training enables him to create personalized approaches that can help you resume activity safely without worsening your plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Is heel pain bringing you down? See how MLS therapy can help you get back on your feet again. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Align Foot & Ankle Center today.